Collaborators are vital to ASL Aspire as they bring diverse expertise and perspectives, enabling us to develop innovative and relevant educational solutions that meet the evolving needs of educators and learners. Their input and feedback drive continuous improvement, ensuring the success and impact of our products and services.

We are extremely grateful to be partnering with ASLCORE, a non-profit organization whose work revolves around compiling discipline-based signs from various content areas. ASLCORE does not standardize discipline-specific literacy; instead, the organization provides a digital archive for educators who notice the terminology gap in their classrooms and seek reliable references. By bringing together Deaf content experts, ASLCORE is committed to sharing literacy that is deliberated upon and used by the Deaf community.

As we move forward, ASLCORE has granted us the right to use their videos in our educational games. In return, our goal is to keep ASLCORE sustainable for years to come as we continue to make STEM literacy accessible to ASL users.

Special thanks to our partners:

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