We are currently developing this app to be in English and American Sign Language. Once we have successfully built enough game modules for educators to teach an entire year’s worth of content, we will transition our focus to expanding this app for any sign language in the world!

All of the new and emerging ASL STEM vocabulary words can be found on the website of our exclusive collaborator ASLCORE here.

Our curriculum team curates each educational module using Next Generational Science Standards (NGSS) as a basis. With our ongoing research, we are continuously testing and proving that our games work. Check out our research paper on gamified education here.

Please reach out to us ASAP! Our team consists of Deaf scientists who are creating these signs. Any and all feedback is welcome. Please email us at contact@aslaspire.com.

We love to hear that you are invested in your child’s academic career! At ASL Aspire, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to track the progress of your student. In our premium version, you will be able to see exactly where your child excels and where they need assistance.